A snack fit for a King

A Snack fit for a King

I should feed my dog caviar? Ridiculous you say! Well maybe not. It’s not the taste that would dazzle him, nor the thought of licking those salty black eggs with the tip of his tongue. He loves to chow down on anything he can fit into his mouth with no consideration for taste, or cost! Now, what’s the interest in caviar? There’s none but the mind can conjure up crazy ideas at times.

My writing tutor told me today he had developed blepharitis or an eye infection with a common symptom of “dry eye”. Immediately I started thinking about my Shih Tzu, Jazza. She too has a problem with “dry eye”. I had learned that it’s quite common in the breed with their slightly bulging eyes. It’s not that my tutor has bulging eyes, I don’t think so anyway but I’ve never met him so maybe he does! But back to my Jazza. It’s odd when you think that a Shih Tzu can suffer from “dry eye” but on the other hand they too can suffer from tear staining if the hair around the eyes is pale in colour. My vet prescribed an ointment call Optimune which must be applied to her eyes twice a day for the rest of her life.

“So what?” you might say. The tube of ointment costs $129 and is about the size of your little finger.

I researched an online vet pharmacy where I can get it for $65 a tube with a script from my vet. So I bought 3 tubes.

I had them on my kitchen bench and headed off to work. The cat came in, played with the interesting little tubes on the bench and flicked one onto the floor. My other dog, Baillie, pounced and enjoyed the little snack, leaving me half an empty chewed up tube and a white plastic cap. I thought, oh no, there goes $129 in one mouthful. I did think about it for a bit and was much calmer when I realised in was only a $65 snack!!!


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