I’ve never been an avid gardener. In fact I’ve always just done what was necessary to keep the weeds from overtaking my home.

During my working years, I paid gardeners to maintain my pitiful excuse for a garden. That was the biggest waste of money I think I’ve ever spent. Happy to take my money they were, but the garden was a disgrace.

After I sent them off into the distance, I decided to carry on with my own garden maintenance. But working full-time and in my sixties, I was always too tired to put much energy into the garden on the weekend.

Eventually, my place turned into a bit of a jungle.

Now, I’m retired from the daily grind of office work and I’ve decided to do all the things that I had planned to do, but never had the time.

I have decide to embark on a journey to turn my jungle into something that I can be proud of.

I have only a few garden tools (including clippers, loppers, secateurs and a few rakes spades and rubbish containers – but no wheelbarrow because my back lawn and garden is quite steep) but hopefully I have enough to do all the bits and pieces that I feel need to be done.

I will write about all the little jobs that I undertake and show my progress along the way.

My name is June Terry and as well as having a Travel Blog for my brother and me http://Teddyandmetravel.com, I’ve decided to start this separate blog to write about the “work” side of my life, after all, we are limited to how many trips we get to do.

Contact me if you have any queries or comments on my gardening ramblings.

Clippers and diggers unite…