Political correctness lives in an age with a restricted attitude to humour. It’s almost become a crime just to laugh because something tickles your fancy.

This bird is not racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist, anti-semitic. Nor do I or suffer from any other politically incorrect -isms or phobias. I just enjoy humour. I like to laugh but not any anyone else’s expense.

In my posts, I will sometimes shares the witticisms of others whose humour tickles me. At other times I will write from my own point of view. But I shall warn you, I have a no holds barred approach to this blog. So, if you’re thin-skinned and are not interested in people’s views or opinion that differ from you own, then you may just have landed on the wrong site.

I do have a few restrictions that fit alongside my own values and I will never intentionally cause offense to our readers.

I hope this sits well with you and you enjoy your visit.

If you are still here, happy reading.